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Infracon has a fleet of the most advanced excavators available to service any project size or scope. Our experienced teams of operators have the skills necessary to quickly and concisely excavate your site so that you can start production much earlier. You save time, and that saves money.

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Move earth, rocks, sand, or debris quickly and easily with Infracon’s fleet of dozers. Equipped with the latest technology, our dozers can move mountains or millimetres of dirt on your site with precision and ease.

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Rock Trucks

Infracon’s fleet of rock trucks consists of both 30 ton and 40 ton movers that can take anything from your site, including earth, rocks, and gravel. Featuring quick loading and unloading abilities, our rock trucks have the latest mechanical improvements to clear your site in a minimal amount of time. This means you get faster production and spend less time hauling material..

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Get the precise grade your project requires with Infracon’s fleet of GPS enabled graders. Infracon’s graders and operators can significantly increase productivity during the land development process.

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Infracon has a fleet of advanced loaders available to quickly move materials to keep your site development progressing smoothly and seamlessly. Our large bucket capacity means less time spent moving materials so that you get to production quicker. Our teams of loader operators are highly trained to move more in less time.

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Infracon maintains and operates a number of packers. These machines provide our road construction and site construction crews with the tools to make sure your ground foundation is dense and consistent.