About Our Business

Infracon Energy Services is an integrated earthworks entity based in Edmonton Alberta with site locations in Merritt B.C., Kamloops B.C., Fort St John B.C., Saskatchewan and Edmonton. We have two primary operating companies currently located in B.C. with extensive earth moving equipment and crews working on a variety of earthworks projects in the gas, pipeline, mining and commercial sectors in B.C. and Alberta. Our business offers a unique turnkey offering in earth moving, surveying, under grounds and other site services and soon piling capability.

Our Purpose & Value

Infracon’s senior management team has experience in delivering projects of $3 billion+ in size and we are very cognisant of the challenges facing clients in ensuring projects are on time and on budget. Western Canada’s construction industry is under tremendous pressure to increase our productivity and competitiveness in response to a global competition for capital for resource projects of all makes and sizes. Infracon’s philosophy is to support our clients be they producers, engineers, suppliers or fellow contractors with constructability experience to ensure cost and schedule certainty. Our value is in empowering our team who are on site to think as owners and provide recommendations and actions to save time and money for a client. We do this by collaboration between our on-site project managers working with our specialized in-house survey teams to understand quantity calculations and to identify opportunities to move less dirt on move it just once in support of the IFC drawings. We have and continue to invest in new technology for equipment (all GPS units) and training for our staff in how to innovate and not do things the same old way. We see innovation and technology as a true differentiator and our focus is on how to use this appropriately to drive better quality work and a better bottom line project result.

Our History

Infracon Energy Services was established initially as Infracon Capital Management in 2012. Infracon has made two acquisitions; one in 2012 when they acquired the assets of LNB Construction based in Merritt B.C. and a second acquisition in 2015 when they acquired the assets of Minex Contractors Ltd. A CLAC or Christian Labour Association Contractor based in Kamloops B.C..