LNB/Infracon Clipper – October 2015

LNB Takes to the Skies!

LNB is in the process of acquiring a drone that will work in conjunction with our current 'survey/design/build' cost savings strategy and increase efficiencies even more. Simply by being able to quickly gather and provide more accurate information than ever before, real time decision making, quantity and cost updates, and schedule modifications are easily achievable. We believe this competitive approach to the construction industry is just one more way that LNB can utilize technology to deliver on a quality project that is safe, successful and under budget. Drones or UAV/S (Unmanned Ariel Vehicles/Systems) are becoming a very popular way to accurately survey a large area in a short amount of time. For example, detailed ground information of a 1 square kilometer parcel can be gathered in as little as 40 minutes. Mavinci makes a higher end UAV which is distributed by Topcon that can shoot millions of points as well as snap extremely high resolution orthophotos. When paired with a Topcon RTK GPS Base Station which LNB currently owns 6 of, elevations are corrected during the flyover survey and 15 millimeter accuracy is achieved.
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Infracon Energy Services is proud to introduce The Infracon Clipper.  LNB/Infracon Clipper - October 2015 LNB Infracon Clipper Front

2015 Q2 Infracon Clipper

Welcome to The Infracon Clipper

Infracon Energy Services is proud to introduce The Infracon Clipper. The Infracon Clipper will be published on a quarterly basis and will focus on what is happening in the industry, as well as, projects that we are currently working on, plus so much more!

Changing Times = Meaningful Approaches

We have all read about the collapse in oil prices and the impact it has and will continue to have on a variety of sectors. Some recent facts from a research piece I read puts the consolidation into perspective:
  • Cashflow in the oil sector is down 68% from last year with only $22 billion in cashflow expected this year which is less than it was in 2000.
  • Upstream Revenue, which is expected to be approximately $90 billion, is equivalent to what was generated in 2009 at the height of the Financial Crisis.
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Infracon Energy Services is proud to introduce The Infracon Clipper.  2015 Q2 Infracon Clipper June 2015 Clipper Preview Image

Infracon Company Profile Presentation

Infracon Energy Services an Alberta newly-formed, private investment firm whose primary focus is on earthworks or “anchor bolts down” projects , as well as, on the execution of site services in a variety of energy, infrastructure and industrial projects across Western Canada
  • We have defined “anchor bolts down” to include surveying, earthworks, undergrounds, concrete, piling, and site services
  • To-date we have acquired two separate companies that focus on surveying, undergrounds, and all aspects of hard rock and earthmoving
  • Projects completed in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Yukon
  • By the spring of 2016, we will be offering a piling solution as a tuck-in to our earthworks’ projects
  • We continue to look at strategic acquisitions to fill-out our integrated site works

LNB Construction Overview Video

In 2014 we began the rebranding of Infracon's first acquisition, LNB Construction. Part of that process was creating a video to showcase exactly what LNB Construction does and how they utilize modern technology to improve the construction process.

Click the image below to watch the video presentation.

Business Development lnb youtube  LNB Construction Overview Video lnb youtube